TRAVEL: Positano, Pompeii & Capri


TRAVEL: Positano, Pompeii & Capri


We can’t stop talking about our experience in Italy because it was jut that amazing! Jana and I both get so much of our design inspiration from our travels.

We spent several days in Rome before heading to the Amalfi coast. Our first day trip was to the beautiful restaurants and shops at Positano. Walking along the stone paths in front of the stores, I came across a family owned linen atelier, La Bottega di Brunella.They made everything in house, from the linen yarn to the finished product.  After I did a little shopping I asked if they would give me a tour of their manufacturing facility that was right behind the storefront. Not only were the happy to do so, in typical Italian style they also introduced me to most of their family!

The next day we took a trip to Pompeii.  We explored the ruins that were once a sophisticated Roman city and visualized were the vast shopping areas and spas used to be. I especially enjoyed the large frescoes covering the walls that were made with blue pigments from crushed lapis. I also enjoyed wearing my new linen dress.

My favorite place to visit was the island of Capri. The city is absolutely beautiful and it’s lined with high-end shops that overlook the bright blue water.

We took a boat trip around the island to the grottos; this is an absolute must-see! Italy is know for it’s beautiful red coral but I wasn’t expecting to see it in its natural environment, growing all over the rocks where they meet the water.  What an awesome surprise. Italy never disappoints!