The one who started it all

The One Who Started It All


It is hard to believe it’s been nearly a decade since we were sitting around a table, drinking tea and dreaming of starting a jewelry company. It all began one Saturday when our designer, Janette Wilkinson, went shopping at Neiman Marcus wearing a piece of jewelry she had made herself. At the time she was achieving great success as an engineer in the semi-conductor industry, but her lifelong love for fashion led her to pick up her engineering tools and craft a few pieces to go with her outfit. Several people in the store stopped her to ask where they could get the jewelry and as the saying goes, “the rest is history.” Although our company has grown much larger since then, Janette still has her hands on every piece of Nest that you wear. She immerses herself in the current trends and designs each and every piece to be fashionable and also classic. In the picture above, we had all just hiked up a mountain in Greece but of course Janette did it perfectly accessorized!

Do what you love and love what you do.

Author: NEST Team