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Jana Erwin is an award-winning interior designer with a passion for transforming and beautifying the environment in which her clients work and live. After graduating from Sam Houston State University with a B.A. in Interior Design, Jana ran a successful design firm in The Woodlands for almost a decade. During those years she worked with clients from all over the country and enjoyed designing custom projects from the ground up in the annual Woodlands Showcase of Homes. When NEST Jewelry launched under the NEST umbrella, Jana focused her energy toward fulfilling orders for high-end retail stores. Now that Nest Jewelry is off the ground and running, she is back in the interior design world full time as the CEO of NEST Design Group.

Audrey Tehauno


Audrey is an award-winning interior designer who credits her eclectic style and outgoing personality to her New Orleans roots. She loves working alongside her clients to bring magic to a space—seamlessly incorporating taste, lifestyle and personality. Audrey graduated with an Interior Design degree from Abilene Christian University and began working with Jana shortly after. During Jana’s pivot to jewelry, Audrey transitioned to a fast-paced hospitality architecture and design firm where she worked on multi-million-dollar residences, boutique hotels, restaurants and luxury resorts. Now that the duo are reunited, they are thrilled to bring their combined experience to every project and elevate the final outcome.