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Jana Erwin is an award winning interior designer whose passion is to make lives better by improving and beautifying the environment in which her clients work and live. She graduated with honors from the Interior Design department of Sam Houston State University and passed her NCIDQ (National Certification of Interior Designer Qualification) test on the first attempt. She ran a successful design firm in The Woodlands, TX for ten years before she gave it up to focus on her new partnership in NEST Jewelry. During those years Jana completed beautiful homes all over the country, worked with several custom home builders and enjoyed participating in the annual Woodlands Showcase of Homes. Now Jana resides in the inner loop of Houston and enjoys the variety that the city brings.

Jana enjoys living every moment to the fullest.  Besides being a mother to a teenager and a toddler, Jana loves flipping houses and  ballroom dancing with her husband, Carter.  She also trains in Eventing, an English style Equestrian sport, with her daughter Maddie.  Cooking and eating fresh, healthy meals is a must for Jana and now she has a little helper in the kitchen with her youngest, Isla. She also has a furry four pound middle child, Prince, who just wants to be in her arms all day when he is not too busy chasing squirrels.

Audrey Tehauno


Audrey is an award winning interior designer who credits her eclectic style & outgoing personality to her New Orleans, Louisiana roots. Her favorite aspect of interior design isn’t just watching a space transform, but it’s watching it transform through her clients’ eyes & enjoying every minute of it with them. Audrey believes that the most beautiful interiors are also the most personal, and she strives to achieve balance between form & function, while seamlessly incorporating the clients’ tastes, lifestyles, and personality.

Audrey graduated with an Interior Design degree from Abilene Christian University and has been developing her craft ever since. She cut her design teeth working under Jana many moons ago, focusing on high-end residential work, and truly learning what it means to be an Interior Designer. She transitioned to a fast-paced hospitality architecture and design firm, which helped stretch her design legs further and allowed her the involvement in a wide array of projects, including multi-million dollar residences, boutique hotels & restaurants, and luxury resorts. After 10 years apart, Audrey couldn’t resist Jana’s magnetic pull and is thrilled to be working with her again.

Audrey enjoys spending time with her hunky architect husband, Charles, playing legos and superheroes with her spirited toddler, Gus, and watching her newest addition, baby Ozzy Rex, giggle and coo and do all of those magical things that babies do.