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SPRING ’21 PHOTOSHOOT | Nest Jewelry

Photo shoot days are my favorite days. It’s the time when everything we’ve been working on comes together. I love getting to style the looks to complete the vision. We kept our crew extra tight this year to keep everyone safe – just family plus our lead interior designer, Audrey, who also doubled as a […]

Designing the Ultimate Playroom

Creating a fun, interactive space for the kids is just that – FUN! But it can be tricky to achieve the perfect balance of style and playfulness that they won’t outgrow in the years to come. Below are my design tips and tricks for putting together the ultimate playroom. Jana Erwin, NEST Design Group Bring […]

Mexico Vacation & Fall ’19 Photo Shoot

NEST is truly a family business – we enjoy traveling together, and we’re usually working while we play! We decided Mexico would be the perfect backdrop for our Fall 19/20 photo shoot. We love the culture, the climate, the people, and of course the food! Our destination was Hotel Xcaret Mexico, an eco-friendly all-inclusive resort […]

SPRING ’19 PHOTOSHOOT | Nest Jewelry

One of our favorite parts of designing a collection is getting to see the final product on a beautiful model, being worn just how we imagined. Follow along for an exclusive Behind The Scenes of this Spring’s photo shoot! This season’s collection features natural Chrysotine, Amazonite, Larimar, Blue Lace Agate, Turquoise, Jade, and Opal stones […]

Pimiento Party Dip  | Nest Jewelry

It’s the time of year that our calendars get filled with gatherings, parties and get-togethers.  Some of these are planned and some get sprung on us last minute. To be prepared for whatever comes my way, I keep the ingredients for my Pimiento Party Dip stocked in my fridge.  This dip is so quick and […]

NEST Holiday Style Guide

Thanksgiving Dinner Festive parties and get-togethers officially kick off with Thanksgiving dinner. This holiday may be focused on food and family, but don’t forget fashion from the Thanksgiving menu! Keep it simple with these no-fuss jewelry options layered over an all black ensemble. Our multi-strand tourmaline necklace is a gorgeous shade of merlot with a […]

It’s Fall Y’all!!!

Fall has officially settled upon us but I am having trouble getting in the spirit. I live in Houston and it’s still a solid 90 degrees with high humidity. But today was grocery shopping day and as I walk into Whole Foods you could hardly miss the pumpkins, mums, and every kind of pumpkin flavored […]

TRAVEL: Sedona and the Grand Canyon

  TRAVEL: SEDONA and the GRAND CANYON   I am already caught up in the hustle and bustle of the new school year.  Summer seems like a lifetime ago at this point and my heart is yearning for another visit to Sedona, AZ.  A stroll through the deep red mountains clears your head and fills […]

DESIGN: Incandescent, Halogen and LED…….OH MY!

Over the weekend I noticed a couple of my recessed halogen lights were out in my house so my husband, daughter l and I headed out to my all-time favorite light bulb store in Houston.  I realize that most of you probably don’t have a favorite light bulb store but as an interior designer who […]

Top 5 Fall Must-Haves

WILD WEST We’re seeing it everywhere from cowboy booties to peasant tops – there’s no doubt the American Southwest is an important influence this season. Our go-to that plays into the trend is none other than our multi-colored beaded necklaces. The combination of malachite, turquoise, lapis, tiger’s eye, and horn gives this accessory a southwestern […]

TRAVEL: Positano, Pompeii & Capri

  TRAVEL: Positano, Pompeii & Capri   We can’t stop talking about our experience in Italy because it was jut that amazing! Jana and I both get so much of our design inspiration from our travels. We spent several days in Rome before heading to the Amalfi coast. Our first day trip was to the […]

TRAVEL: Amalfi Coast

I’m sitting in my office with the doors open, overlooking the pool and listening to the birds chirping happily nearby.  We have had unusually fresh, crisp weather in Texas this spring so I am soaking up these days while they last.  The view of the water and the fresh air makes for a relaxed work […]

Mother’s Day Pearls

I just sat down in front of my calendar and somehow the end of April is nearing and May is just around the corner! For me (and many others) May is a busy month filled with weddings, graduations and of course, Mother’s Day. While all of these are joyous occasions, I realize that each of […]

A Designer’s Home

Carter and Jana Erwin are the proud owners of this charming 1920s bungalow in the Upper Kirby area of Houston, Texas. Jana is the Co-Founder of NEST Jewelry and NEST Design Group, and Carter is an executive in the oil and gas industry. They bought this home after returning from a two-year stint in Aberdeen, […]

Refresh and Renew

January is the perfect time to focus on yourself after the busy holiday season. My daily routine would not be complete without Aura Soma Pomanders. These beautiful, colorful bottles are each mixed with a combination of essential oils and crystals to bring you balance and clear your energetic field. It’s like a mini spa treatment […]

TRAVEL: Lapland, Finland

I cannot think of Christmas without reminiscing on the time we went to the Arctic Circle in Santa’s hometown of Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland. As soon as you step off the plane you can tell that you are somewhere magical. The whole town is in character from the shop owners to the bus drivers, ensuring […]

Make an even MERRIER ‘Gin-N-Tonic’

  Make an even MERRIER ‘Gin-N-Tonic’   Try this Rosemary twist on a regular Gin and Tonic for the holiday season! Garnish it with a sprig of Rosemary and every sip you take smells like you are in the middle of a snowy forrest cutting down your very own Christmas Tree.  I suggest adding dried […]

TRAVEL: Influences of Italy | Nest Jewelry

I found myself standing in the center of Rome, looking around and imagining all that this mega city has seen. It was hard to even wrap my mind around it. The never-ending stream of Vespa’s weaving through the narrow lanes of traffic gave the city a fast-paced feel. Still, there is something ‘easy’ about it, […]

Spring Trend: It’s All About the Earrings

Spring Trend: It’s All About the Earrings

DESIGN: Our First Flip House

When I’m driving from one client’s house to another, I pass so many homes that are in a state of disrepair. Lot values are increasing in the sought after neighborhoods of the inner loop of Houston and many of these old homes are being demolished. I love the character these old structures have collected over […]

Behind the Scenes: Business Adventures in New York City

The start of New York Fashion Week has me reminiscing on my recent trip to the Big Apple. My days are filled from sunrise to sunset with buyer and editor meetings but I love the energy of the city. Lotte New York Palace is my favorite place to stay. Every morning I sip my earl […]

DESIGN: Accessorizing Bookshelves in Three Easy Steps

We hear from most of our clients that they just don’t know what to do with their bookshelves. To start from scratch can be quite overwhelming so I am going to break it down into three easy steps to make the task manageable and fun! 1. Clear the shelves off completely. The biggest mistake I […]

TRAVEL: Autumn Speyside Whiskey Festival

As soon as I feel the first dip in the weather my mind switches over to all things Fall. I’m ready to pull out my boots and sweaters, eat heartier comfort foods and drink something that will warm my soul. Nothing does that better than a “wee dram” of Scotch Whiskey. I was educated on the […]

Behind the Scenes: Q&A with Creative Director and Co-Owner of NEST Jewelry, Janette Wilkinson

  Behind the Scenes: Q&A with Creative Director and Co-Owner of NEST Jewelry, Janette Wilkinson   NEST Jewelry’s Creative Director and Co-Owner, Janette Wilkinson, sat down with Neiman Marcus to discuss her vision behind the brand. (You can find the original blog post at Neiman Marcus: Tell us about your journey toward becoming a […]

NEST Designs – Interior Design Firm

  NEST Designs – Interior Design Firm   Co-founder, Jana Erwin, has been designing interiors her entire life and prior to launching NEST Jewelry she ran a large high end design firm in Houston, Texas.   Now she is getting back to her roots. She has teamed up with her former employee and partner-in-crime, Audrey Tehauno, […]

Statement Necklace 101 | Nest Jewelry

Big or Small – Short or Tall – Statement necklaces are for everyone. [Teal Apatite & Wood Collection available at] Over the years I have converted many skeptics to love the statement necklace. I have heard it all, “I love big jewelry but it just doesn’t look good on me,” to “I’m too small,” […]

TRAVEL: Adventures in Israel | Nest Jewelry

It would take a novel to recap the experience I had in just one week of being in Israel. The layers of these lands are literally, figuratively and spiritually entangled in history, mystery and controversy. Unlike my other travels where I painstakingly researched every detail to know the best place to stay and what to […]

TRAVEL: Tiptoe Through the Tulips in Holland

I have had the privilege of traveling to some of the most beautiful places in the world. At the very top of my list is Holland during tulip blooming season. There are rows and rows of gorgeous flowers in every color imaginable. Pictures just don’t do it justice! The perfume from the hyacinth is almost intoxicating. When […]

Master Stack | Nest Jewelry

Spring is almost here and that means one thing…short enough sleeves to wear a ton of bracelets!! I LOVE this look! To wear it like a pro make sure to have various widths and materials. I like it best when worn with two to three widths of our horn bangles then add a skinny metal […]

TRAVEL: A Serene Getaway to Stonewater Cove

It won’t be long until summer is here so now is the time to plan your next vacation! I highly recommend Stonewater Cove. It is truly a secluded oasis on Table Rock Lake. The landscape is lush green forest, rocky hillsides and crisp, clear water. This part of Missouri isn’t overdeveloped yet so you will […]

Wearable Art – Three Simple Steps to Accessorizing Your Best Look

At NEST we believe jewelry should be bought the same way you buy art. This is why we call our customers “collectors.” Each piece we make is designed to go along with current trends while also remaining classic so that you can easily add to your collection. Here are three simple steps to buying accessories […]

DESIGN: Cycladic Architecture | Nest Jewelry

DESIGN: Cycladic Architecture One of my favorite things to admire is architecture. Having an interior design background I can’t help but to observe the shapes, colors and textures of a space. The home we stayed in while visiting Mykonos, Greece took my breath away! Cycladic architecture is famous for simple whitewashed adobe with […]

TRAVEL: A Weekend in Napa Valley

For my niece’s 21st birthday the family headed out to Napa Valley to explore and learn about “all things wine.” We flew into San Francisco and spent a few days touring the city before renting a large van and heading out to the valley. I have been to vineyards before and I know that a […]

Guilt-free Blueberry Muffins | Nest Jewelry

Guilt-free baked goods…what could be better? These muffins have more protein than conventional breakfast pastries, less carbs, no gluten and they still have all the flavor! These are my go-to on busy mornings. I don’t enjoy baking if it’s overly complicated so I have narrowed down the recipe to just a few ingredients. I had […]

What’s All the BUZZ? | Nest Jewelry

Someone pinch me! The Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona is remodeling their exclusive gift shop and will now be carrying NEST Jewelry! We already had a tripped planned to Tucson for the gem show so we decided to check it while we were in town. Let’s face it, we were looking for any excuse to […]

Behind the Scenes: Tucson Gem Show

Behind the Scenes: Tucson Gem Show It’s that time of year again; to put on our sensible shoes, grab our sketchpads and head to the gem show. The entire city of Tucson turns into a wonderland of natural materials. If you can imagine it, they have it. We love walking through tents filled […]

Why We Chose the Name “NEST”

Why We Chose the Name “NEST” Who knew that the hardest part of launching a new jewelry line would be coming up with the name! We started with the obvious, trying to combine Janette Wilkinson and Jana Erwin but we couldn’t come up with anything catchy so we were forced to think outside of […]

Clean Coconut Soup – The “Cure All”

After indulging over the holidays, my body is in need of some clean eating. This Clean Coconut Soup is the best for getting back on track. It has all the necessary flavors of spicy, salty, sour, and bitter to tantalize the taste buds. When anyone in my house is feeling under the weather this is […]

TRAVEL: Inspiration from Athens, Greece

Traveling is a necessary part of the design process. When we’re in a new environment our senses are heightened. Shapes, textures and colors get our creative juices flowing and even the light itself seems to have more sparkle. We almost always bring our families along when we travel and the love we experienced in Greece […]

TRAVEL: Scotland’s A-93 to Balmoral Castle

If you are stateside and haven’t seen the news, you may not know that Scotland has recently experienced terrible flooding. It is heartbreaking. I had the privilege of calling Scotland home for two amazing years and during that time I immersed myself in all things Scottish. From the coast to the Highlands, I explored castles, […]

Behind the Scenes: Spring Photo Shoot

Behind the Scenes: Spring Photo Shoot Photo shoots are a blast. It is one of my favorite times in the design cycle. The many months of dreaming, sketching and creating have come to a close and all the orders from our large retailers like Saks, Neimans, and Intermix are in. Now we finally […]

A Different Way To Do The Holidays

A Different Way To Do The Holidays I love the movie ‘The Grinch’ starring Jim Carey. When I say love, I mean I can nearly recite the entire masterpiece by heart. This Christmas season I ask you, using the famous words of Cindy Lou Who, “Is it all a bit superfluous?” Several years […]

Family Ties | Nest Jewelry

With the holidays right around the corner, I have started to reflect on all the things that I have to be thankful for. My list is long, but at the very top of it is my family. Without family there wouldn’t be a “NEST Jewelry.” Many people don’t know this but my sister, Janette Wilkinson, […]

This ‘Citrus’ Deal is SWEET!

This ‘Citrus’ Deal is SWEET! Unless you are an avid gardener and overall lover of food like me, you may not realize that now is the season of citrus. The limbs of my fruit trees are drooping from the weight of all the gorgeous mandarins, limes and lemons. We should all take full […]

Have you SPOTTED our newest horn pieces?

Have You SPOTTED Our Newest Horn Pieces? Horn has been a NEST best seller since 2006 and this season has us seeing spots! Our Spotted Horn collection is just the right twist on our timeless classic. The skilled artisans of NEST use the otherwise wasted material to mold beautiful earrings, pendants, and bracelets […]

NYFW | Nest Jewelry

At NEST Jewelry, we love love love Fashion Week. It’s like getting to look into a crystal ball and seeing the newest thoughts and ideas that will soon become the mainstream trends.  We run from show to show, packing in as many as we can, and we are almost always exhausted after the experience. As […]

All Natural | Nest Jewelry

Using natural elements like semiprecious gemstones, horn and metals is definitely not the easiest medium to create with but it is what we believe in. While many have turned to the synthetic replicas, we have stayed true to our mission of keeping our line natural. The process of finding the raw material, having it cut to […]

The one who started it all

The One Who Started It All   It is hard to believe it’s been nearly a decade since we were sitting around a table, drinking tea and dreaming of starting a jewelry company. It all began one Saturday when our designer, Janette Wilkinson, went shopping at Neiman Marcus wearing a piece of jewelry she had […]